Colonna heategevusgala 2022

Colonna Charity Gala 2022

We raised a record 170 000 euros at the Colonna Charity Gala to support Estonian county hospitals! We thank everyone who extended their help to country hospitals to bring the best opportunities for help children as close as possible.

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In July the number of contracts for lease of commercial spaces saw a sharp increase

Sharp increase in the number of lease contracts concluded by Colonna investment company shows that there is a big demand for small commercial spaces in the commercial property lease market. While earlier in different commercial buildings of the capital one floor was usually occupied by two lessees, today same spaces are occupied by eight. According to commercial property broker of Colonna Martin Sillandi, the coronavirus had a very big impact on trends of the lease market, which in some cases…

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Record donation of 100,000 euros was raised to aid Estonian families in infertility treatments

The record 100,000 euro amount of donations raised during the charity campaign “Help children to be born!”, organised by Colonna Charity Foundation and East Tallinn Central Hospital, was used for purchasing a state-of-the-art time-lapse incubator, which will increase the probability of having a child for the families struggling with infertility from the current 35% to as much as 50%.

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