Real estate leaders and investors gathered on 27.03.2024 at the panel round of the Nordic Real Estate Forum, the leading real estate forum in the Nordic and Baltic countries, to discuss the most important real estate topics at the moment.

Roberto de Silvestri, member of Colonna’s board and head of investor relations, participated in the discussion.

The topic of the discussion was “How do we cope when the era of Cheap Money won´t (ever) come back?”

Among other things, Roberto De Silvestri emphasized the goal of contributing to reducing the environmental footprint of the commercial real estate sector.

As part of this, Colonna will implement the following improvements in buildings:

  • modern technical systems, good insulation;
  • minimal impact on the environment, smart layouts;
  • we increase the energy class of buildings.

In addition to Silvestri, Aare Tammemäe, Albin Rosengren, Andrius Svolka, Viktorija Orkine and Pekka Huttunen also participated in the panel.

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