Rent exemption for commercial premises in Narva mnt 4 commercial building until the Narva mnt intersection is opened

The city of Tallinn allows the Narva road to reopen from October 15th. For our part, we allow rent exemption for new tenants until the opening of the Narva mnt intersection, i.e. by signing a lease now, you will only start paying rent when traffic on the Narva highway resumes.

Come and move your business early to the re-opening throbbing zone in the heart of Tallinn, to the renovated office building on Narva mnt 4.
On the first floor, it is possible to rent commercial and service spaces with large showcase windows. The office space covering the entire top floor of the building includes a roof terrace for the sole use of the future tenant.

The landlord has thought about the better functioning of the office building, and the tenants have the opportunity to use the kitchen/rest rooms and meeting rooms located on different floors at no additional cost. The sizes of the offered office and service spaces are between 15 and 390 m2.

The commercial building on Narva mnt 4 has been completely renovated and meets modern requirements. The advantages of the building are its central location in the heart of Tallinn and very good access by public transport. Tenants have the opportunity to park in the courtyard of the building.

In addition, our portfolio includes a fully renovated commercial building in Narva mnt 7a, where we can offer office and service spaces of 15-650 m2. Many commercial premises have water and sewage connections. The interior design is characterized by modern industrial design with high ceilings and plenty of glass surfaces.

If you would like additional information and a tour of the premises, please contact our broker:


+372 51 66 438