On Wednesday, a donation of 68,465 euros raised following the initiative by the Colonna real estate investment company was handed over to Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital, which will use the funds to buy a new neonatal resuscitation table.

This time, the charity campaign ‘Aita elustada elu’ [Help resuscitate life] managed to raise 68,465 euros, which is a record and almost double the amount that had been initially expected.


A share constituting 50,000 euros was donated to the maternity hospital by private donors and companies at the end-of-year charity gala, and the rest was accumulated during the broader media campaign. The private donors to have made the largest contribution during the gala were Roberto de Silverstri, Colonna founder and CEO, and the company co-founder Andrea Agostinone: both made private donations of 4,000 euros each to the maternity hospital.

Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital will use the aid to purchase a modern neonatal resuscitation table, features all the equipment necessary for monitoring a newborn’s vital signs so that reliable information about the baby’s condition can be received promptly and help can be delivered at once. Any remaining funds will also be spent on necessary medical equipment.

“We are proud to see that the extent, number of participants and amount of donations of the charity campaign spearheaded by Colonna are increasing every year. This time, the campaign has set an all-time record of success: we managed to raise almost twice the amount that had initially been our goal. I would like to thank all our friends in Estonia and other European countries who deemed it necessary to make a contribution,” Roberto de Silvestri, Colonna CEO, said.

This charity campaign was the fourth time Colonna had collaborated with the Estonian Maternity Hospitals Support Foundation (formerly known as the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital support foundation) for charity purposes. Previously, Colonna’s campaigns helped Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital to buy a new incubator and a neonatal aEEG brain monitor as well as complete the renovation of two family suites.

Please find the photo and video gallery of the donation ceremony held in Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital on Wednesday HERE!
Photos: Maksim Toome

Founded in 2006, Colonna investment company is one of the largest investors in commercial real estate in Estonia and the Baltic States. Colonna primarily brokers the investments of international professional investors in real estate projects located in the Baltic State and manages the commercial operation of the purchased properties. Around 300 million euros have been invested in the Baltic real estate market through Colonna Group. The company’s portfolio comprises 91 commercial buildings with a total of over 250,000 square meters of rentable space and more than 500 tenants. Colonna is an active contributor to charity projects and supporter of sport and culture.


More detailed information about the Estonian Maternity Hospitals Support Foundation (formerly known as the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital support foundation) is available on www.aitaalustadaelu.ee, and the web page of Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital is www.synnitusmaja.ee.