Continuously the most potential area of the real estate market in Tallinn will get a new residential house


Colonna has begun marketing and construction of the fourth residential house in Lasnamäe, in Vana-Kuuli and Liikuri streets. The time for laying the cornerstone is on 31 March, 2017.

In order to satisfy the demand for new quality residential areas, Colonna Kinnisvara has started sale and construction of another 8-storey residential building with 33 apartments in Tallinn Lasnamäe area, in Tondiraba settlement.

We speak about the fourth house of Liikuri residential development project, where three first houses are ready and two more are waiting to be started.

Construction of the residential house has already started, and the time has come for celebratory moment of laying the cornerstone. The house will get ready in January 2018.

„We have successfully handed over 99 apartments of the first three houses to the new clients. We are getting the positive feedback from the clients about the quality of the house construction, the competitive price level and the general development of the area“, explained Marek Õunamägi – a chairman of the board of Colonna.

The value of the area is even higher due to the awareness that Tondiraba settlement in future will have an important place in realisation of Lasnamäe general arrangement – the new modern living environment, the complete settlement with new streets, shops, schools, kindergartens, recreation areas.

The residential house at Liikuri 41/3 has 33 apartments – from 1 room to 4 rooms, and sizes from 34.8 – 81.3 m². The residents may park their vehicles in the underground car park or on the car park in front of the house, each apartment has its own pantry. The price of apartments varies from 67 000 to 153 000 EUR.

Colonna is the real property development and investment company, based on the international capital, which began operating in the year of 2006. The major residential development projects in progress include Vana-Kuuli 15/Liikuri 41 residential development on Lasnamäe slope and residential development in Tohu street at the boundary of Pirita and Lasnamäe.