This year, a record amount of 64,000 euros was raised at the Colonna end-of-year charity gala, which will be allocated to the charity projects initiated by Colonna.

The first to receive financing is the Maternity Ward of East-Tallinn Central Hospital, which is going to purchase a neonatal resuscitation unit for very premature babies.

The traditional gala held in Estonia Concert Hall this time was a part of a broader charity campaign organised by Colonna Charity Foundation and the Maternity Ward of the Central Hospital under the title “Help save a life!” [Estonian: “Aita päästa elu”], which aims to raise donations for buying a LifeStart neonatal resuscitation unit for very premature babies and will last until the end of December. The unit fitted with resuscitation equipment will allow the clamping of the newborn’s umbilical cord to be delayed. Through the umbilical cord, the infant continues to receive placenta blood rich in oxygen for a while, which helps a very premature baby to adapt to life out outside the womb in a more natural way.

The private donors to have made the largest contribution during the gala were Roberto de Silverstri, Colonna founder and CEO, and the company co-founder Andrea Agostinone.

Colonna founder and CEO Roberto de Silvestri: “Although Colonna’s main line of business is long-term investments, we also want to look to the future through our charity initiatives. Since 2013, with the participation of numerous generous givers, we have raised over 120,000 euros to help newborns and prematurely born babies. Colonna Charity Foundation, established this autumn, aims to reach out to even more of those in need. In addition to aiding newborns, we are planning to initiate charity projects for supporting children’s health, education and sports.  I would like to thank all our friends in Estonia and other European countries who attended the event in person and made an important contribution. I would also like to thank all the good people helping to carry out our charity mission today and in the future.”

The organization is planning to purchase the resuscitation unit for premature babies and hand it over to the Maternity Ward of the Central Hospital early at the beginning of 2019 so that newborns could start receiving even better care as soon as possible.

Doctor Pille Andresson, head of the neonatology department of the Maternity Ward of the Est-Tallinn Central Hospital: “We are very grateful to all the generous givers who have helped the first resuscitation unit of this type to become available in Estonia. This is a very important piece of equipment for our midwives and doctors, which will allow them to help the weakest even better.”

The charity campaign “Help save a life!” will last until the end of December. The surplus funds which could remain after the resuscitation unit is purchased will be allocated to further charity projects of Colonna Charity Foundation.

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