A small shopping center in Tallinn’s Kopli district was opened on December 27. The first part of the shopping center opened to the public is a Maxima store, while a Benu pharmacy and an Olympic Casino branch will be opened in the coming days.

The developer of the shopping center established at 69B Kopli Street is Colonna and the builder is Eston Ehitus.

The shopping center constructed at 69B Kopli Street has two floors and the building with a T-shaped layout provides 1,400 square meters of rentable space. The anchor tenant is Maxima and rental contracts for ground floor premises have also been signed with Benu and Olympic Casino, while the second floor will house smaller service and business premises.

The Maxima so-called neighborhood shop opened in the new shopping center is 700 square meters in area and provides 25 jobs. In addition to groceries, the store will be selling a broad range of household and basic consumer goods.