• April 2016

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    16. April

    The rafter party for Lasnamäe Liikuri third house was held, this marked the house reaching it’s maximum height.

    The apartments of the apartment house developed by Colonna Kinnisvara and built by the building company Bauschmidt, which will be finished by autumn of 2016, raise the standard for the quality of apartment buildings and energy-efficiency in Lasnamäe. The apartment building with B-energy class energy efficiency is equipped with modern technical solutions, such as an energy recovery ventilation system.

    This is the third house of the six planned apartment building in the Liikuri development area. The apartment house has apartments with 1 to 4 rooms with prices ranging from 81 000 to 150 000 Euros. 20 of the 33 apartments in the building have already been sold, 4 months before the construction of the building ends.

    It is planned that the Liikuri development area, designed by architect Janno Põldme, will ultimately consist of six 8-storey apartment buildings with 33 apartments, which have 198 apartments altogether, a garage in the basement and parking spaces outside as well.

    Colonna Kinnisvara