Published: 17. November 2014, 08:03 a.m.; source: www.postimees.ee 

The idea to establish the first Estonian bobsleigh team has currently reached the stage where the first field camp has been attended and the bobsledder licence issued by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation enabling the team to participate in different competitions was also received in Austria. The first trial will take place already in December in France.

The camp organized on the Igls bobtrack in Austria on 2 – 8 November was attended by seven men. The latter included the pilots of two-man sledge Carl-Robert Puhm, Gert Heinala, Hardi Link and Harri Olak and brakemen Kaspar Mesila, Indrek Hopfeldt and Märt Lellsaar. Only Kaspar Oll who is currently serving in the defence forces could not participate in the camp this time.

«These trainings involved major progress. On the first day it was difficult to get used to the track, hereinafter we could develop our bobsledding technique to the major extent and acquired the basic knowledge in bobsledding,” Hopfeldt described the camp. “The first impression of the track was slightly scary, but when standing above and viewing the other athletes, fear seemed really unreasoned. The falling on the bobsleigh track and the related few bruises and abrasions are a part of the training process, but this does not disturb us“.

In addition to the trainer Eddy Riva the team also consisted of the technician and bobsledder Giovanni Gesuito, Franco Vercelloni dealing with physical preparation of the team and the team manager Mauro Serra was also present in the camp for few days.

«The aim of the camp was to give the real bobsledding cognition to the boys, so they knew the feeling of sitting on the bobsled. The aim was also to specify who suit to the sled to which positions and show them how to prepare oneself and bobsled before competitions,“ Serra talked about the primary tasks. “During the first tests the boys encountered misfortune, but this is also a part of this training. People usually fall when skiing for the first time, but then they just stand up and go on. The sport will be learned through misfortune and we on our own turn see the character of the boys. The human reaction in the situations where the person is not doing well says a lot about this person.“

«On the last four days the boys performed 16 perfect rides – all of them were self-confident and we received many compliments also from the people of FIBT who all acknowledged our purposefulness and good work carried out within this week,“ Serra added.

The bobsleigh team is back in home country, but new camps are ahead. In December starting and jumping into sled will be trained in France and the plan also involves the first competition of the team. After the year end the camp of St. Moritz will be attended and sportsmen take part in the Swiss B-category championships. “In addition to these camps, intensive individual training in camps in homeland will take place,“ Hopfeldt added.